Riding the open road with ease means the possibilities start and never seem to end. For you, and for the world of riders ready to take it all on. With Can-Am Ryker, there’s no holding back on anything, especially fun. You’re set to feel more thrills every time you ride.

Easy to start, easy to ride, and easy on the eyes, you’re able to enjoy the roads ahead and the freedom you’ll find at every stop along the way. Can-Am Ryker is your personalized ride in more ways than one with customizable visual and functional accessories, plus a simple tool-free way to adjust your riding style at any time. Why just ride when you can Ride Like No Other?

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Your playground awaits

Easily own the road, the dirt and the gravel with a full-throttle, adrenaline-charged riding experience like no other. With the Can-Am Ryker, the possibilities are endless. And we’re not just talking about all the roads waiting for you to explore; you can also customize your vehicle in endless ways to tackle any adventure your way. So gear up and get out there!